String lover busted on thong stealing?

Here’s a thong story by one of my friends, stringlover1:

So I was at a friends house yesterday and she was telling me how her and her husband were having so many problems and that he was always yelling at her and stuff. Then she tells me that they are having financial problems cause her electric bill was $700.00.

Well, I’ll admit, I have “borrowed” thongs and g-strings from her before and I swear she wears the skimpiest thongs out there.

Now as we are sitting there on the bench in her front yard, she props her feet up and holds her legs with her arms. At that point, I have a great view of nothing but string between her thighs. So I start getting hard and I know I have to take home a thong this time to sniff so I tell her I had to run but first I was going to use her restroom. She says “cool, no problem.” So I run inside and as I shut the front door, I peek outside to see if she is still in the same spot which she is. So I run to her room and start with the panty raid. I kinda know my way around cause this wasn’t the first trip… So I’m digging and finally find two skimpy ass thongs and a silky white bra. I shove them quickly into my jeans and head out.

Well, asI head out she is coming down the hallway. I start getting nervous and she says “what were you doing?” I quickly responded with “I was turning your light off, energy cost alot of money these days.” She smiles and replies “thanks babe.” We walk into the living room where we sit on the couch. There right in front of me is the laundry pile high and all I see is brand new g-string and thongs ready to be put away. Guess she had some come up missing or something, who knows! Think she knows it’s me?

Do you have a thong story to tell as well? Let me know in the comments and I will get in touch with you!


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4 Responses to “String lover busted on thong stealing?”

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  4. bob Says:

    I have a pretty crazy thong story where I stole a lot of college chick’s thongs while they were all on spring vacation. I live right behind an apartment complex where all college kids live and I know how to pick locks easily with in less than 10 seconds.

    I basically figured out who was home and who wasn’t since my house windows is maybe only 30 yards from their building and well I could definitely see at least the first 3 apartments directly across from my bedroom whether or not they were home.

    These are super hot college girls probably ages of like 20-24, dope bodies and fresh snatches. I did this about 2 years ago, went on this crazy binge, knowing of the chance of being caught but couldn’t resist. I would even break into chicks cars, stealing their bags. I was crazy as hell, but I have stopped, as that might be the most embarrassing thing to get arrested for in the world.

    I even found $2,500 in cash in one of their apartments in one of their desks because i snooped as well when inside. If i took the money I would be super paranoid, and i do have a conscience. I really would have loved having all those crisp $20’s but I put them back.

    I took my time since they would not be there for a good few weeks. Also, by the way not that “not” taking the money makes it any better, I did break into their homes and steal their smelly hot thongs I found. I however was just their to steal their hot thongs so i could jerk off and sniff them.

    I feel like they all know though. I am not sure how, because no one ever saw me, and I only told my best friend and I do not talk to anyone that the girls that I stole from talk to. Just an eerie feeling i get and sometimes when i look out my window, even now that it is a different year and some of them have moved out and new hotties have moved in, sometimes I catch them peaking at me out their windows at night.

    The apartment right across the window from my house, is sweet. There are 2 really hot girs living there. One literally will walk around in her black or white thongs with her titties hanging out all the time. Some times I seriously video tape it. It is great. The other chick, it is as if she knows I am watching her, she always moves super quickly and never will let her face nor body be see through the window.

    If they do know, maybe the one chick digs it and it is a turn on knowing someone is watching her in her skimpy thongs and maybe the other chick hates it, and or maybe she is a lesbian. If they know, and I am right and one hates it, I think to myself, why not just shut your blinds then?

    Oh well, I have an urge to go and steal a hotties panties every day to sniff and whack off to but all in all it isn’t worth it to possibly go to prison for breaking and entering. I can get a girl, however i am in my mid thirties, and sometimes I just don’t care and like being alone to do what i want. I just love pussy and sniffing any hot chicks panties.
    I guess that is all I really have to say.

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