Thongs for breakfast

So today I was having late breakfast (around lunch time really…) and I am sitting on the porch of this café. And while I am reading my newspaper and having my coffee, I can easily enjoy the sight of some public thongs!

First was a young lady eating there with her mum. When the two stood up, the daughter’s thong popped out of her jeans as the pants had slit down a bit while sitting. She did the common woman-move of pulling up her pants after standing up, so her underwear was covered again; but I still got a nice view on her thong!

The second was a woman on a date with some greasy guy. When initially sitting down, I already new she had to be wearing a thong – she cautiously pulled up her white pants before sitting down. Didn’t help though! She kept moving on the chair, leaning to the front, to the back, and to the front again; perfectly helping her pants to lower and exposing her thong in the café.
And it was a very nice type of thong too. A model I have never seen before. At the top, it had a black silky strap, and then below (where it goes down to make the actual thong shape) it was totally see-through!! Very sexy!


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