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Thong exposure on motor scooter


The other night, I was out for a run, when suddenly two girls on a motor cycle came riding towards me. As they were making quite some pace, I had to turn my head around quite quickly to catch another view of the fast hotties.

And what do you think? It was totally worth it! The girl on the rear seat was totally exposing her thong. Her pants were literally so low, that you could probably see about 10-15 cm of that beautiful thong exposed!

Really just too bad they were so quick, and of course that I did not carry a camera with me while running…


Great thong day


I have a feeling, today will be a great day for spotting thongs. I already saw two hot ladies in their thongs on the way to work.

The first was the chick at the bakery store, who bent down to get something from the bottom shelf and exposed her sweet cotton thong to me and the other customers!

Then further down the street a student girl passed me on her bike, perfectly showing her red g-string thanks to the forward leaning position she was in riding her bicycle!

Great way to start the day :-)